Thank you so much for such an awesome experience! The festival was an amazing success and one of our favorite shows to date.

We really appreciated the hospitality for the bands. The accommodations were great and relaxing.

We also loved your dedication to your stage. You really put your best effort into finding bands that would deliver and create a memorable experience for the audience. You meticulously hand picked talented acts from a variety of genres. All acts that you knew the music and got to know personally. This is not the case with all shows/ festivals. It shows your dedication to the music world.

Lastly, thank you for your efforts to connect us to different bands/ musicians. We cannot thank you enough for your help and kindness. We look forward to continue working with you!

Much thanks
-Sir Cadian Rhythm
It was an absolute pleasure to play Pleasantville this year. We’re really glad the weather held out, and without exaggerating almost everyone we spoke to had some variation on “this stage is the highlight of the festival, and Pam is responsible for that”.

I’m only with Jon as I send this email, but we honestly can think of anything more we’d want. Catering was great, we had a good amount of space, stage and crew were great, and even dealing with the inclement weather went about as well as you could hope for.

I think that Pamnation brings something incredibly special to Pleasantville, I’m thrilled we got to be a part of it, and were honored to be considered friends for life.

Thanks again!
Passion, knowledge, drive, and a love of music...these are just some things you want from a music promoter. PAMNATION has all of these and more! Having performed on the PAMNATION Party Stage at the 2017 Pleasantville Music Festival, we can honestly say that PAMNATION knows how to treat artists well. From the booking process all the way through the event, every facet was top notch. One of the best attributes about PAMNATION is that she/they are/is passionate music fans/supporters first and foremost! We have seen Pam several times supporting our events since we first met. We look forward to working with PAMNATION again in the future!
-The Alpaca Gnomes